About Us

 We want perfection and it is expected to be the standard of the finished result. Our mission - to deliver affordable, high-quality cleaning of commercial premises, buildings, environments, and private homes. Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, institutions and individuals. Our favorable and stable price is achieved by reducing the administrative, logistical and marketing costs to a minimum. We strive to find, engage and retain the best employees by providing good working conditions and a pleasant social environment. Our values??: honesty, trust, teamwork, simplicity and joy!

Migle Cibisove
Daglig Leder


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Why Choose Us?

We put you in focus and deliver our services on your premises

We take it as a personal challenge that all projects should be 100% completed on time

We have a pleasant social environment, our employees have good working conditions

We have a strong focus on health, safety and environment

Therefore, we also have the best cleaners!


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Cleaning after moving

Business premises cleaning

Cleaning of shops

Staircases cleaning

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